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Most factory suv's and van vehicles come with at least the rear windows already tinted. The reason that the front windows are not always tinted is because each state has a different rule and regulation for the percentage of tint and reflective contents allowed. The majority of people leave their front windows without tint on them despite the many benefits there are for tinting your vehicle’s windows. .

  • Stay Cool
    Studies show that your car’s interior can be 60% cooler with tinted windows. We all know what its like to get into your car in the middle of summer and burn your arm on the center console or brand your hip with the seat belt buckle. Tinting your car windows is an affordable way to reduce the interior's temperature.
  • Protect Your Skin From the Sun’s UV Rays
    Some vehicle tints can protect your skin and block the sun’s UV rays by up to 99%. This greatly reduces your risk of skin cancer, and again, protects any children that may be traveling in the vehicle as well.
  • Shattered Window Protection
    Glass from shattered windows can be dangerous and messy. In an accident, the last thing you want is for broken glass to end up in someone’s eye, or hitting them in the face. Tinted windows remain held together when shattered, and can greatly reduce the danger of broken glass.
  • Reduce Glare
    Most people where sunglasses on when they’re driving on a bright sunny day. Sunglasses reduces glare, and creates a safer environment for you to drive in. Tinted windows enhances the reduced glare and safer driving even further.
  • Preserve Your Car’s Interior
    Just like tinted windows can help keep your skin safe, it can also help keep the interior of your car safe. The sun causes dashboards and accessories to fade, and leather and soft surfaces can easily crack. Tinted windows can reduce the damage that the sun does.
  • Privacy
    Tinted windows provides enhanced privacy for everyone inside by making it harder to see inside of the vehicle.
  • Seurity
    Burglars as less likely to break into a place they can’t easily see into. For the same reason why it is good to keep your blinds closed on your house, it is also good to have tinted windows on your car. Tinted windows makes seeing into your car more difficult, and thieves will most likely bypass your car for one they can easily see inside of. Tinted windows greatly enhances the security of your vehicle.Tinted Windows Conclusion

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